Together for community

December 2014


We are working together with Mrs. Gulde-Affanyi who has lived in Ghana for many years. Her wish to build a kindergarten in Gomoa Odumase couldn't be fulfilled as Mrs. Gulde-Affanyi wasn't able to collect enough donations. So we decided to finance this project. The first installment was already paid so we hope that the construction can be started soon. 


Until now the "kindergarten" looks like this:

Please help us to improve the situation of the children in Gomoa Odumase by donating money for this wonderful project. Thank you!

October 2012


We are working together with the community Kwamankese in the Central Region. Some time ago we have started a  "water project".


On October 15, 2012 we made a big step forward in our "water project". The two chairwomen Kathrin Ilg and Regina Schaefer convinced the local council in Durchhausen to spend 500€. Consequently we are now able to help financing the construction of toilets which will help to improve the sanitary situation in Kwamankese.